What Men Secretly Want Review

The hardest challenge of all is for Men and Women to understand each other. It´s a language that we still do not know how to speak, like walking on thin ice knowing you might break and fall in it.

We make our little "women are complicated" "men are immature creatures" club but we secretly want to hear there´s hope to it and I’m here to let you know that there might actually be, after taking myself on the commitment of reading this book.

The truth out of all of this, Ladies, is that even though Man might not admit they are actually are looking for Ms. Right as well. They play tough and indifferent to this but it is literally the opposite, so you can go take a good cup of cappuccino (or whatever it is that you like) and sit down while i explain you why this book will help you change your perspective for the better.

As you are right now, i was there. I was at the edge feeling discouraged and exposed to the unknown and confusion of all the drama that goes on when you can´t seem to understand WHAT IS IT with Men. I would literally even drained my anger calling my ex and just make mix tapes of songs that had “i hate you" written all over it. Once i found this book, it helped me realized that men have also needs to be attended, they DO want a healthy enriching relationship with a woman, we just sometimes don´t see beyond it because we might be focus in ours.

Does What Men Secretly Want Works

I´m not saying that the What Men Secretly Want ebook will be your bible and the only solution for every problem, because it is ultimately your decision what will your posture be but the book will definitely help you and let you reach to a certain openness that you will never want to close yourself from, anymore.

And i get it, you might ask yourself:
  • Wait, what? Why? How?
  • What are you talking about?

Men like a woman that is comfortable on their own skin, they don´t want to tell you how you need and have to feel, they want to see that already in YOU. So earning confidence for yourself, is a MUST and a beautiful characteristic they feel attracted to.

But, how can you?

"It all starts with you".. Before going deeper on that, let me share you what I learned from the What Men Secretly Want program.

Men are silently screaming a desire to connect not just to a pretty face but someone that goes beyond it. An undisguised intelligence, a woman that teaches them more than just "how many carbs it´s in that cereal bar". They want to play with fire without burning in it, as you want as well. They want to feel challenged and on their toes and not the opposite-tip toeing out of that relationship-. They want that playfulness that can´t be avoid or stopped because it´s too good tobe controlled. A non materialistic relationship that can enjoy buying a nice car together but their wealthy chemistry will not depend on it. They want support as you do.

And besides all of this, they want to UNDERSTAND you as YOU DO.

Is What Men Secretly Want a Scam

The What Men Secretly Want book approaches to every single detail of each characteristic mentioned here. You will be surprised, believe me.

As i said before, "it all starts with you" it is because if you read the above you will get to see that we all know the answer.

That language barrier will come down, once you realized what you are claiming of is right inside of you.

The "What Men Secretly Want" book is a pure reflection of what we want as well... the only difference is that women have the power of higher wisdom and can be more emotional. I do not want to sound like a closed minded feminist saying that but it is completely true and Men recognize it as well. That´s why, celebrating your identity, your sex, your value and embrace that you are, it is an urgent task we all need to commit to do. See it as the SAT to get to that dream college (dream relationship, of course). Oh! And men do love that you embrace that, just in case you were wondering.

It will not only make you feel better with yourself but you will feel better being next to the "Mr. Right". Now, talking about that term "Mr Right", the What Men Secretly Want e-book also taught me that there is no Mr. Right. That is just a cute term we use when we want to convince ourselves of something, but those are just distractions to the real deal. What is the real deal?

How To Seduce Him

Discovering, understanding and finding yourself not hating men anymore. Not going around, holding walls that are making you feel defeated and unprotected. We all have the right (as our opposite), to give ourselves out to that liberty of meeting and knowing the infinite possibilities that unravels in this journey that we call LOVE. We all want it, some are afraid of it and say they don´t, that they are "over it" (typical) but the undeniably truth is we all want to be touched and held by it. It´s a natural necessity, the only remedy; if you get to see, LOVE is the one word that can makes us smile and feel awkward at the same time but is the only one that RULES human nature. Period.

With that stated, i dare you to go ahead, read this, know what he thinks or at least get close to it, and get back to the dating in a way that won´t make you be scare any longer. Take the What Men Secretly Want ebook as your best buddy; it will not let you down. Trust me!

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Do i need to say more?

Oh yes, this: